This site is for the sharing of ideas, inspiring creativity, and finding the confidence to be whoever you want to be.

What can Chris Allred Design do for you? Develop goals and reach new heights in cooking, writing, idea development, and pushing back the fears of social anxiety & public speaking phobias.

Together we can accomplish anything.


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A Letter from the Founder

My name is Chris Allred, and I am the owner and founder of Chris Allred Design.


Chris Allred Design is about helping people succeed in life and reaching their goals.

We focus on:



One of the things that we do, when working with businesses, is copywriting.

Copywriting is a very important part of marketing your business, and growing your customer base.

A few examples of where we can help:

  • * Building your “list
    * Social media
    * Webpages / website
    * Emails
    * Newsletters


We work within your marketing budget (and yes you should have a marketing budget) depending on your need of course.


Is the money that you are spending now getting the desired results?

What’s Happening?



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Featured Recipe

Poke’s Legendary Steak Burger

Poke’s Legendary Steak Burger was created by my son during a family cooking competition, while I was searching for inspiration for new ideas he came up with his spin on a traditional burger.

Poke’s Legendary Steak Burger

Flank Steak (enough to feed whoever you’re cooking for)

Ciabatta Bread

1 head of garlic + 6 individual garlic pieces

1 Cup of mayonnaise

Cheddar Cheese (enough to top your burgers)




5 Tablespoons of olive oil + 1 teaspoon

5 Tablespoons of lemon juice

Salt & Pepper


See more under...Cooking: Mains: Poke's Legendary Steak Burger




Featured Short Story

by Chris Allred

Once upon a time, two kids flew to the moon in the middle of July. They jumped over the yellow fence, and landed on the roof of their tiny brown house. The two playful children quickly ran across the house, leaping into a tree made of purple mud. On the top of the crazy tree, the kids made a trampoline of green vines and weeds. Bouncing here and there, the children went up and down. While up so high they lassoed the sky, pulling the moon to the ground. Off the tree, over the house, the children ran and ran. They ran so fast that they built up enough speed to easily bounce off of one foot, flying over the moon, which happened to land in the deep swimming pool in their backyard. And that is how two children from a neighborhood so small flew to the moon on a hot July day three years ago this very day.

The End!!!

The Start of Chris Allred Design

by Chris Allred

I like what I do, but what I love is the people, more importantly helping people. No matter where I was in my life, it always lead back to helping people.

The ideals and fundamentals of CAD were in effect way before it ever became a business. I understood that I could not change the whole world, but I could help change an individual’s world.

How? By sticking to what I know and love: family, writing, and cooking.

And that is what I did: helping families come together in the kitchen, cooking together as a family rather than going out somewhere. This applies to everyone: individuals, couples, friends, family; they say that the kitchen is the heart of the home for a reason.

On the flip side of CAD is the writing. I have enjoyed writing my entire life, and so I brought that to the world. I am not talking about reading what I have written, but the gift to develop an idea.

And that is what CAD does; we develop ideas and give you the tools to move forward. In business that could range anywhere from resume help to goal setting, and for the individual that could mean anything from a blog to a book (fiction or non-fiction).

What is writing really? It is communication.

The key to unlocking everything in the world is communication.

How do we communicate? Writing, talking, body language.

When we 1st decided to expand into public speaking it wasn’t a hard sell, because at the heart of CAD is communication.

Sitting around the dinner table with the family, laughing and cooking in the kitchen with friends, writing a development plan to show your boss why you deserve that raise, celebrating your 1st novel.

It is all about communication, and talking is a very important part of communication.

However, public speaking is no small task to tackle. I mean it is the #1 fear in the world for a reason (followed by death in the #2 spot).

So we started researching the why and social anxiety kept coming up. Social anxiety effects some 15-20 million (medically diagnosed) Americans daily. Some studies have shown that upwards of 30-40% of the world’s population suffers from some sort of social anxiety disorder.

Why did CAD take on both social anxiety and public speaking phobias? Because they go hand in hand. I want to help people and find avenues for them to be whoever they want to be.

The founder, Chris Allred, is not a shy person, nor does he suffer from a lack of confidence, so why him? I am not a shy person. I was born a confident person; I am confident in my abilities, and confident in myself. However, I also suffer from the effects of Multiple Sclerosis, but I have never considered MS a disease, but more of a lifestyle change. A couple of things to know: 1st is coordination and sometimes it is really bad, so if I fall over it’s okay to laugh. 2nd is speech. My brain and my mouth are rarely friends and so a lot of the time I come off as slow, can’t get the words outs, or just looking lost.

The point is that I don’t hide. I don’t let fear and uncertainties control me. I cannot fix everything, but I can control how I react to a situation, and I can show others to do the same.

The ideals and fundamentals of CAD were in effect way before it ever became a business. I understood that I could not change the whole world, but I could help change an individual’s world. That was true in the beginning, and that is still true and even more relevant today.