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What’s Happening?

Does Love Die

by Chris Allred

Does love die or fade away

Like a flower withering after given to another

Petals die and fall

Once flourished and bloomed in a sea of color

Does love change

Raging as a fire

Growing as it builds

Fueled by the heart

Consumed by another

Is love retreating

Pushing back

Fighting against want

Unable to truly move

Is love forever

Time stops

And Death moves away

For love is eternal

True love doesn’t die or fade away

Featured Recipe

Poke’s Legendary Steak Burger

Poke’s Legendary Steak Burger was created by my son during a family cooking competition, while I was searching for inspiration for new ideas he came up with his spin on a traditional burger.

Poke’s Legendary Steak Burger

Flank Steak (enough to feed whoever you’re cooking for)

Ciabatta Bread

1 head of garlic + 6 individual garlic pieces

1 Cup of mayonnaise

Cheddar Cheese (enough to top your burgers)




5 Tablespoons of olive oil + 1 teaspoon

5 Tablespoons of lemon juice

Salt & Pepper


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Featured Short Story

by Chris Allred

Once upon a time, two kids flew to the moon in the middle of July. They jumped over the yellow fence, and landed on the roof of their tiny brown house. The two playful children quickly ran across the house, leaping into a tree made of purple mud. On the top of the crazy tree, the kids made a trampoline of green vines and weeds. Bouncing here and there, the children went up and down. While up so high they lassoed the sky, pulling the moon to the ground. Off the tree, over the house, the children ran and ran. They ran so fast that they built up enough speed to easily bounce off of one foot, flying over the moon, which happened to land in the deep swimming pool in their backyard. And that is how two children from a neighborhood so small flew to the moon on a hot July day three years ago this very day.

The End!!!